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Development Control Management - a Manifesto
Planning Manifesto: Sources of Inspiration
Planning Manifesto: Executive Summary 
Reminiscence of Rhodri Morgan - First Minister of WAG
Design statement for new dwelling - Powys
Statement rebutting LPA evidence in Gower AONB

Helwick Bank Marine Dredging Inquiry
Helwick Bank Inquiry: Closing Submission
Evidence at the decking affair


Public Participation in ICZM

Sustainable Development
Sustainability Appraisal - Porthcawl Waterfront Development

Diary of a County Planning Officer
Diary of Public Inquiry in to Asda Store - Spring 1977
Visit with RTPI Visiting Board Nov 1977

Patrick Geddes
Patrick Geddes in India - his contemporary relevance
Patrick Geddes and the power of vision

Photographic Archive
Images of meetings held in UK, Europe and Asia

Comic Writing - I once knew a councillor
Pick of the bunch - Student howlrers (sic)
A Christmas Fantasia

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